Thermal waste utilisation

Waste to energy is the concept underlying EVN’s activities to provide for environmentally friendly waste disposal. The future lies in finding a practical use for waste as an alternative source of energy that goes easy on our natural resources. Through its thermal waste utilisation plant in Moscow, EVN has implemented a unique concept: incinerate household waste by an environmentally safe technology and, as an additional bonus, get electricity and district heating from the energy contained in the garbage.

EVN develops customised concepts that exactly fill the needs of each site and implements them for the best possible benefit of its customers. The object is to achieve ecologically optimised waste treatment combined with energy generation, plus an environmentally combatible transport logistics governed by state-of-the-art technology.

EVN incinerates almost a million tons of garbage per year in line with ecological principles. The method gets results: substantially less waste for dumping, cleaner drinking water and a better air quality. The combined heat and power plant is linked to the district heating system and supplies electricity and heat to more than 48,000 households – all from household waste.